About me

I didn’t really know how to do this section so I decided to do it interview style. But don’t be fooled. This is me interviewing me, not a serious interviewer, interviewee thing.

Dad to two, husband to one. Turned forty recently, quite like it, almost feel like a grown-up. 

Why don’t you start by telling us about Colours?

Colours is the first in a series that plays with the idea that relationships are what drive humanity forward. From a brief chance encounter to a lifelong partnership, all relationships affect the world around us.

Colours introduces Charlie Masters, a teenager who discovers he can see indicators of relationships that will have a special effect on humanity.

Tell us about Charlie

Charlie is the kind of guy I want to be. Unconventional courage, kind, thinks of others, funny. When I set out to write Colours it was a very different story. Charlie kind of took over and it ended up somewhere else entirely. The same thing is happening as I write the next books. All my plans for what’s going to happen are being replaced as Charlie writes.

Isn’t forty a bit old to be starting a new writing career?

Dunno, might be. I’ll let you know how it goes.

What did you do before writing?

I have written since I was Charlie’s age, most of it not great, some of it competent. Life got in the way so I never really tried seriously until now. 

For almost twenty years I worked in the marine and offshore industries. I was a Naval Architect and got to do all sorts of cool stuff designing and repairing things that float. I traveled all over the place and enjoyed it. But there was always something not quite right and now I want to do what I was supposed to. Write.

PS: If you were actually wondering about anything that isn’t included here just send me an email and I will try and answer it.