Jericho Writers

Jericho Writers

Here is a little tip for anyone thinking of pushing on with their writing.

Jericho Writers.

It’s a one-stop resource shop for aspiring and improving writers. For a reasonable (but not super-cheap $295 annual) subscription fee you get access to a whole host of resources that will help your writing.

I am gradually working my way through the masterclass and in-depth video courses on writing and self-publishing. So far I found them informative and practical and of genuine help.

There are video tutorials covering all aspects of writing, – plot, structure, character, prose, but also things like help to get an agent, writing that submission letter, a whole mass on indie publishing which is really useful and a bunch of other stuff. They also host seminars and conferences (usually in the UK) and are the people behind the yearly Festival of Writing.

If that’s not enough they also have a number of paid professional services, for manuscript assessment, structural help, copy-editing and all that stuff.

I recently did a course called Self-Editing Your Novel and can confirm it was worth it. Six-weeks of in-depth analysis on the various steps of the editing process that also will vastly improve your writing. I would happily recommend this to anyone. The course tutor was extremely specific and offered valuable guidance the whole way.

They also have an agent search engine with detailed information on who is looking for what and how. Probably more functional than the Writers & Artists one.

Their community needs some work and could probably do with better forum functions but I am sure this will come with time.

I will be using one of their affiliated editors when it comes to my final edit and I am hopeful they will be better than my previous experience with professional services.

All in all I would recommend it to anyone. Just click on their logo above and start checking out their website. 

Disclosure: In exchange for this honest review Jericho Writers have offered an analysis of some of my work. That said every word here is true.